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Lawrence, KS 66044
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About Us

Generally, the task of residential and commercial remodeling is confounded by the expectations and opinions of the various participants. The customers working with independent architects, interior designers, and the builders can hinder each other due to a lack of communication and understanding.

Since 1997, our company has worked to improve the remodeling experience for the customer by grouping architectural design, interior design, general construction, and cabinetry together under one banner. With everyone in our team working together, your remodeling dreams come to fruition in a timely manner, and to a higher specification of quality.

Second only to our quality workmanship is the ingenuity of our design. Jack Hope Design/Construct architects and designers have the years of experience to help you realize your vision, regardless of whether you are searching for the most exciting and new ideas, or for a return to the grandeur of a bygone age for your home and commercial needs. Contemporary or classic, we have the knowledge and the skill make it happen for you.

One of the most important reasons Jack Hope Design/Construct can strive for such results is due to our commitment to our employees. Our crafts men and woman enjoy the respect and benefits to match the skills they possess. Presently, we offer our employees a fair wage for their services.

Above all, we are proud of the efforts of our company and of the work we have done for our customers. If you wish to see examples of our work, please go to the Portfolio section of our web site.